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Pay per click advertising for instant income

You have a target market, you have a keyword listing, and you have a relevant product also to advertise through this target market. Then the best option is to opt for the “Pay per Click” advertising module.

This “Pay per Click” is a kind of Internet advertising module wherein advertisers search amongst the search engines, advertising networks, content sites and blogs and pay their chosen hosts only when their advertisement gets clicked.
The policy adopted is to bid on the keyword phrases relevant to their target clients. Content sites charge a fix price for every click that is generated through that site. When content site displays relevant content and the keyword query matches an advertiser’s keyword list then that advertisement is displayed on the webpage to be reviewed by the relevant client.

These advertisements are better called sponsored ads and usually appear on the sides or above the organic result on search engine result pages. A web developer may choose a different site for these sponsored ads as and when required.

The market leaders include Microsoft ad Center, Google Ad Words, Yahoo! Search Marketing and all others operate under their qualified bid based model.

Sometimes competitors or corrupt Web-Developers create abusive clicks which increase the cost per click, better known as click fraud. All the major search engines have automated systems to guard against the click-abuse.

The primary two pay per click modules are flat-rate and bid-based. The advertiser has to choose amongst the two modules according to the potential value of click from a given source. If the product or service is in great demand then opt for the bid-based pay per click module. And in case there is less but definite customer then opt for flat rate bidding module. The reason is that the small scale investor will like to have maximum return through maximum clicks, and industrial goods are always in lesser but definite demand. So the number of clicks will not decide up on the advertisement cost, instead flat rate becomes the deciding factor.

Another advantage of Pay per Click advertising is that the client can himself design the ads according to proper framework and save upon the cost of designing. In case the advertiser can’t design then ask for some advertising agency to get the work done.

In all it is a qualitative advertising module at optimum price and maximum returns.

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