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Pay per click advertising fastest way to get targeted traffic

Pay per Click advertising is the fastest method amongst the search engine marketing to attract and encourage targeted traffic towards the desired website. Pay per Click is also the fastest growing industry in the search engine marketing sector. As the whole community of advertisers is dependent on pay per click advertising for generating business, therefore this business is gaining popularity amongst web-media marketing.

Ranking high among the search engines is not a small affair, because it requires a huge amount of consistent effort and enormous time period to achieve a particular position. To maintain that desired position also, one has to put in a lot of extra effort, as almost every second competitor is struggling to grab that position.

Advertisers bid on individual keywords and phrases relevant to their core market in pay per click advertising module. These keywords are tied to text based ads. These ads then appear within the search results in the major search engines i.e. Google, Yahoo, and MSN, whenever a search is made using these keywords.

The high ranking keywords generate higher revenue while low ranking keywords generate lesser revenue. When you build an ad campaign, you want your ad to show up on those specific keywords which are being selected by you for those particular sites. It is the number of clicks that decides the payment on pay per click advertisement.

For small business communities, it is not so easy to outbid competitors on popular keywords. In that case it is better to choose long-tail keywords which are generally narrower.  This type of advertising will certainly produce more qualified leads rather than high volume traffic. However, this type of lead is certainly better as a popular saying goes “bird in hand is better than two in the bush”.

It is the quality of the ad that determines the placement of the ad among the rankings. Even if the bid is lesser than the competitor, the higher clicks will rank on the search engines higher due to its popularity. Hence it is better to draft an attractive ad with a proper call to action in the ads for greater clicks. Moreover, it is better to direct the respondents to relevant landing page rather than to the generic page. This avoids confusion and provides instant results.

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