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Paid Advertising promotes site with a bit of money

In the present Internet market scenario, numerous websites have created a place of their own and are still working on to enter as top rankers in the search engines. To promote themselves in the search engines and Internet marketing, paid promotional techniques are gaining importance day by day. To generate money you have to spend some money as well. There are some unique methods of paid advertising for your reference which help in generating higher revenues for your website.

AdWords is one such means of paid advertising which is most prevalent and very successful as well. AdWords are meant to generate high volume of raw traffic towards a desired website. These AdWords are nothing but the keywords that visitors type in the search engines to get desired results. Choose a few keywords that are relevant to your site, then set a maximum pay per click rate as per the budget assigned. These AdWords or keywords are attached with advertisements along with a specific bid price. Whenever the search is made using these keywords, then the ads are also displayed for that keyword. Subsequently payments are made as per the clicks received.

Site-specific AdWords are those relevant keywords which are displayed on those sites which appear as top rankers in the search engines. These sites have definite space that invites advertisers to advertise on their site. Such advertisements are paid in terms of cost per 1000 impressions or some other definite impressions. This method of advertising is more advantageous as it generates more clicks and hence greater revenues. Moreover, the ad site and the designing of the ad are in advertiser’s hold so this method contributes to higher traffic conversions.  

StumbleUpon is an innovative social bookmarking site that allows users to stumble upon the websites through browser toolbar. As soon as the user clicks on “Stumble” he/she will go to that website that people with similar interest rated positively. These positive rated websites have StumbleUpon Ads also that are displayed to deliver the website directly to those “Stumblers”. These StumbleUpon websites have targeted traffic only hence conversion rate of visitors is very high. 

Many other methods are also available to choose from such as direct Banner Sales, Text Link Ads, etc. It is the job of the advertiser to analyze each method in terms of expenditures and revenue generation and then take an appropriate paid advertising decision.

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